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OhSpotLight Fire Lighter Features Care

OhSpotLight Fire Lighter is the ultimate survival tool while being user-friendly and super safe to use. Our patented technology is here for everyone waiting for this one-of-a-kind unique lighter!

Strong Firepower

Built-in heat-resistant ceramic nozzle to ensure a long-lasting flame of 1 to 7 inches long.

Windproof and

The powerful torch jet flames resist any weather type

Multiple Usage

It can be used for outdoor activities as well as culinary purposes.

Refillable For Cost-Saving

Convenient and quick way to add fuel and can be used at least 300 times per filling.

Military-Grade Material

OhSpotLight Fire Lighter is built from strong zinc alloy and has an ergonomic design.

Safe and Easy

Built-in ignition and built-in safety lock button on the side

"This Lighter is the Future!"

"I've been working as a scout's teacher and guide for almost 20 years now. In my profession we go camping a lot and when we do, a fire is essential. We need it to cook our meal and to survive through the cold nights, but starting a fire isn't always easy in bad weather. As soon as I heard of OhSpotLight Fire Lighter I ordered one to test its power. I'm impressed! We've never had problems with starting a fire on a windy or foggy night again!"



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Customer Reviews

Read what our customers have to say about OhSpotLight Fire Lighter

Tyler, 45, US Verified Buyer

It's a solidly built lighter good for so many things like lighting my BBQ through the grill, lighting the stove or my fireplace, or just bragging about it to my friends!

James, 38, Canada Verified Buyer

This looked too good to be true, so I had to try it out myself, and I must say I'm impressed. It's so sturdy! The adjustable flame is super convenient and very important – it has a safety button! It's really well thought out!

Andrew, 35, Austrilia Verified Buyer

Upon opening, I immediately noticed that it was heavy and not made of hard plastic. Click and flame comes biubiu.

Benjamin, 56, France Verified Buyer

Bought one and my boys saw me use it to ignite the charcoal in a big egg grill. Bought 4 more as Christmas gifts. VERY IMPORTANT - you'll need to lower the torch to the lowest setting if you just want to light up your cigar.

Paul, 52, New Zealand  Verified Buyer

Received this and it's exactly as advertised. I let it charge for 2 hours as advised and when I tried it, it worked immediately. High and low flame settings, and I like the lock mechanism. The flame is very strong too, I'll use this a lot during BBQ season

Emily, 43, US Verified Buyer

My husband tested the different flame sizes and he was blown away. He was so excited and couldn't wait to show it off to his friends.

Adam, 35, US Verified Buyer

Very well made and looks very cool too!

Nathalie, 41, Austrilia Verified Buyer

I always thought that the usual lighters or regular matches were too small and dangerous to light big fireplaces or even barbecue grills. With this being said, someone just heard my thoughts and solved that problem for me! This device is everything I need. But be careful, if you have children in your house, ALWAYS put the safety lock on after using it.

Steve, 30, Germany Verified Buyer

When I read about this product and read all the reviews, it seemed too good to be true, honestly. I decided to buy it to clear all my questions about it. Turns out, this thing really IS what it says it is. Its flame is unbelievably powerful and it lasts a long long time before the next filling.


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