Possessing A Military-Grade Flashlight Is Now A Reality

By Joseph LaRocca JUL 03, 2023
in Outdoor Tech

Power Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Former special forces operator Ethan had a fondness for flashlights during his tenure serving the nation. The flashlight, designed specifically for U.S. special forces, emits an unbelievably powerful beam that can cover a distance of up to two miles. From several miles away, one could observe enemy positions and carry out close-quarter missions in the local territory at night.

This flashlight employs the most advanced military-grade C.R.E.E LED technology, which means its power is at least 20 times that of the flashlights available on the market. This endows it with an awe-inspiring ignition ability, making it a perfect survival tool. It was intended for special forces, not for civilians...

Upon retirement, Ethan wanted to redesign this flashlight for civilian use. Remembering the design and technology, he built one at home. Soon enough, lawyers informed him that replicating the design could lead to legal trouble. He saw this as an opportunity for improvement. While retaining all of its survival and self-defense functions, he enhanced the areas he found challenging when using it during his missions, to make it better suited for survival and household use. It still possesses all the same features, strength, and technology as the military version. But now, owning it is entirely legal.

The Emergence Of OhSpotLight

Ethan is the sole producer and possesses explicit permission to manufacture and sell this product in the United States. He chose to name his product the OhSpotLight. The OhSpotLight is the most potent flashlight ever made.

Intense Beam of Light

The beam can reach up to 2 miles. It can effortlessly outshine car headlights! Its beam is so strong that it can even cook an egg. It can melt anything due to its immense power.


This means it's at least 20 times more powerful than any flashlight on the market. It also gives it a formidable ignition ability, making it the perfect survival tool.

Purified Aluminum & Titanium

Used on the latest generation of fighter jets to withstand massive pressure and heat. This means the OhSpotLight is indestructible, completely waterproof, and sturdy enough to handle freezing temperatures and boiling water, as well as blazing flames.

Strobe & SOS Function

Perfect for emergency situations where visibility is crucial for survival.

However, A Recent Hurdle Has Occurred

While entirely legal, this flashlight is not a toy! Due to its extraordinary power, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is trying to categorize it as military-grade defensive equipment. Owning one is still completely legal, but it may soon be withdrawn from the online market. That's why you can't purchase it from online stores like Amazon or eBay. In fact, if you genuinely want one, you can only order it from the official website. Only today, you can enjoy a 50% discount. Visit the official website to check stock availability.


Elphine Darcel

They're compact enough for your pocket or purse, so you'll use for everything from finding your hidden stash at the back of your closet to dog walking/ poop retrieval, a must for hotel room inspections and, of course, checking for monsters under your bed. Keep one in your car & the other in your night stand for emergencies!

Ashutosh Nirala

I use these flashlights working in a club. They're small enough to fit in a pocket, bright enough to light up whatever I need. I often give them away to new hires who don't have a flashlight, so I buy them in pairs and always keep a couple extra in my trunk. I'll definitely buy them again.

Tracey Mahoney

I bought these for our boys camping trip. They are definitely bright and worth the money. They are sturdy and seem to extend light beam very far. We use them in the house as well. They’ve already come in handy during a rolling blackout. I think we all need to have emergency supplies handy. I totally recommend.

T. Knox

Nice compact flashlight. Pretty bright. Gets extremely hot if left on too long. Had one burn up on me. But I thank God I was home when it started cooking.

Nate Rose

It's a very handy flashlight. It's small and it has a sleeve so you can put on your belt.

Ronald Chapman

They are extremely bright and the batteries are lasting much longer than I imagined. I use the flash lights every night, several times a night to take my ill dog outside (From 6pm to approx 3am) since I purchased them. I use the wide beam and it lights up a really large area in my back yard brighter than day light!

John Carlo Santos

We use these quite often on our mini farm and my wife uses this flashlight to her path to her greenhouse when her lights aren't on in the greenhouse.

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Felicia Sandoval

I like that the light is so bright, but you can also dim it. Also. I like the carrying case.

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Eric Capri

Great quality, didn’t realize but you have the option to use either 3 triple A batteries, or a single 18650 battery (don’t throw out the clear sleeves) they also have cases included. Great value for money.

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Rabia Khan

I always keep flash lights around my house, Its Hurricane season, with a lot of power outages.

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Dr. Ken

Awesome little flashlight that's very bright and good control over the area.

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M. Adams

These flashlights are simple to use and the perfect size. Very easy to carry. They also come with a case. Liked them so much, I purchased two more!

3 Std.LikeReply
Leah Won

I got what I expected, nice. Would recommend.

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Misty Faucheux

These were for my husband. He is a flashlight FREAK. He loves them and has them stashed everywhere. He said these were as good as some of the larger more expensive brands. Seems very satisfied with them.

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Katherine Ruggles

The light is very bright and the flashlight is small and easy to use. Great item to keep in the car or home drawer. Recommend very much.

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Krinjal Jain

I like how convenient these are and that they even have a little carry pouch to go in. The brightness for the size is awesome and I like how you can change the focus too.

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