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Not Just For Antarctic Scientific Expeditions!

The OhSpotLight Electrothermal Glove is ideal for everyone, from polar explorers and mountaineers to those simply braving the chilly fall and winter. It's the go-to gear for any cold-weather adventure.

Fingertip Heating Technology

Using C.S.S.D. technology, OhSpotLight ensures even heating across fingertips and the back of the hand, unlike traditional heated gloves.

16-Hour Battery Life

Powered by 4 AAA batteries each, these gloves offer lasting warmth without the wait for recharges.


The latest sensitive touchscreen material on the glove's index fingertip and thumb allows phone use without removing heated ski gloves.

Multi-layer Composites

The OhSpotLight's outer shell boasts waterproof, windproof, abrasion-resistant, and insulating properties.

Operates Down To -76 ℉

The MaxiCell compartment utilizes zinc-carbon batteries to ensure consistent glove heating, even in extreme cold, such as the -76°F polar wilderness.

For All Outdoor Sports

Perfect for outdoor activities like camping, hunting, cycling, skiing, and other winter sports.

Meet OhSpotLight

OhSpotLight provides unrivaled heating through high production costs. Fortunately, with the strong support of Prince Badal, this specialized equipment, which used to be available only to a very small number of elite explorers, is now the only true Antarctica-specific electroheat glove available on the civilian market at a reduced price.

Performance far superior to civilian heated gloves

OhSpotLight gloves go beyond the limitations of civilian heated gloves with breakthrough innovations that excel in the most extreme environments. In frigid temperatures as low as -76 degrees Fahrenheit, it can maintain operation for a remarkable 16 hours, assuring constant warmth for the user and effectively eliminating the risk of frostbite. This remarkable performance is not solely due to cutting-edge technological advancements but also owes its credibility to an extensive body of meticulously conducted real-world testing data.

What makes OhSpotLight so powerful?

C.S.S.D. Heating System incorporates an advanced heating element in the fingertips, coupled with a specially engineered synthetic diamond material enhanced with carbon to boost thermal conductivity. This ensures uniform warmth distribution across the entire palm, preventing localized overheating.

The MaxiCell Intelligent Battery Compartment is a high-value component that significantly enhances the energy density and lifespan of zinc-carbon batteries. It surpasses the performance of lithium-ion batteries, offering stability and reliability in various temperature conditions. It allows for battery replacement without the need for recharging, ensuring a continuous power supply even in cold temperatures.

Improvements for civilian market

The OhSpotLight Heated Gloves are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who want dexterity and warmth. Touchscreen fingertips allow you to use the device without removing gloves, while reflective strips improve visibility in low-light conditions. Locking clips and adjustable wrist buckle ensure a secure fit, and the single-pull closure makes it easy to put on and take off. Using a temperature controller, you can customize the level of warmth to your liking.

“My hands have never been so warm and cozy. God bless you, Prince Badal. ”

"I love these electroheat gloves, I used to carry them on missions deep in the Antarctic and now I use them for outdoor camping and bike riding. I hardly need to notice how much it is charged and my palms are always warm in the bitter cold.



Antarctic Explorer & Mountaineering Specialist

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Customer Reviews

Read what our customers have to say about OhSpotLight

Paul L. - Verified Buyer

I used these mitts routinely for walking and occasionally operating a tractor with a snow blower. The lowest temperature was a few degrees Fahrenheit. And my walk was normally 2 hours. I charged the batteries usually after 8 walks and normally had them set on medium. They kept my hands comfortable. The gloves look pretty well made and for the quality, they are very affordable for the price!

Jason Y. - Verified Buyer

Got these about a day before the temps dropped down to negative numbers and single digits. I could go on and on but I will just say they work well, seem well-made and they are very comfortable. I would definitely recommend.

Dean waldof - Verified Buyer

My wife loves the heat from these.

Jennifer - Verified Buyer

Bought these for we are at the ski hill bout twice a week. These are so easy to use and the batteries last bout 16-18 hours and keep your hands warm even hanging onto metal T-bars. I would highly recommend that if you have to be out there, even in the bitter cold that you get a pair.

RD A. - Verified Buyer

These are very warm gloves, and that's with the heat off, which is how I use them most of the time. However when I ride my motorcycle, (10-20 degrees here in WI) as soon as I get above 20-30mph, the cold starts to seep in, at that point I can turn them on low or medium and ride all day, not sure how long they last as they haven't died on me yet. Keep in mind if you are getting them for riding, there is an adjustment period to get accustomed to the split mitten if you are used to a 2 finger clutch/brake pull.

KR - Verified Buyer

My wife's hands are always cold when skiing and she loves these gloves and finds them perfectly acceptable. On very cold days she uses these gloves and it's a great way to make sure your hands stay on all day. Compared to what is on the market for $300, these gloves are a great value ......

Jennifer - Verified Buyer

These mittens are quite excellent. They have little pull loops so you can use a mitten'ed hand to pull on the other. I use them for my cycling commute in Colorado.

They're quite comfortable and warm, wind resistant as well. I've worn them each day since purchase, all 10 degrees Faranheit or lower, and I forgot about the heating feature a few times. They're still warm.

Your fingers aren't loose and physically touching, each has a sleeve within the glove. I've never worn 'proper' mittens... I quite enjoy this feature.I can operate the gear shifter and PAS buttons on my bike just fine.

Excellent product thus far


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