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Combat-grade tech for your 2-3 day trips.

Ever since OhSpotLight developed tactical flashlights using military technology, we've catered to outdoor enthusiasts. Our latest creation? A backpack with rigid support, thanks to technological advancements.

YT Structure

It perfectly aligns the muscles most prone to fatigue during backpacking.

Shock Absorption

Three-layered design shields the spine from movement and internal impacts.

Rigid Support

Midsection's soft support conforms to spine features, providing strength and rest.

3D Build In The Back

Ensures breathability and moisture-wicking while damping shocks.

Meet Bony Support Bags' Details


As Seen In As Seen In

Feel enveloped Once looking at it.


As your spine supports your movement, it gradually wears out. So minimizing the burden of your backpack is the guarantee for more future trips.

Try positioning your body in the Y\T posture, where the muscles exercised are the ones most prone to fatigue during backpacking. By simulating the muscle's path, our patented YT structure perfectly conforms to the muscle's path, providing support to deep muscles. Thus, it not only avoids adding burden but also supplements strength.

The tightest ≠ the most comfortable.

It's the most relaxed means the most comfortable. With a three-layer structure comprising mesh, active foam, and sponge cushioning, it fully protects your spine from movement and internal item impacts. The three-dimensional assembly of back materials ensures effective shock absorption while maintaining breathability, keeping you dry throughout your journey.


Every compartment is easily accessible.

Despite its slim appearance, it boasts a 20L main compartment and side pockets, perfect for 2-3 day trips. Even in summer, it effortlessly handles trips lasting over a week!

DESIGNED FOR: All-purpose backpacking. Better choice for RIDING

GREAT FOR: Any on-trail or off-trail backcountry activity

WEIGHT: 17.6oz | 500g (Black/Red)

Don't offset - Outdoor Water Bag

If you're used to having a large cup of water on one side, be mindful that by the time you finish drinking it, your spine has already been skewed. OhSpotLight designed this outdoor hydration bladder for perfect compatibility:

PEVA Material - Food Grade Safety: Every accessory, including the bladder, hose, hose connection, mouthpiece, and mouthpiece cover, is made of this safe material, free of Phthalates and BPA.

Buckles and Inlets - No need to take off the backpack: Shoulder-specific hose inlets and hose buckles are designed to keep you going without stopping your journey for a drink.


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Customer Reviews

Read what our customers have to say about Retractable Tactical Keychain

Noah Verified Buyer

I can't believe how comfortable this bag is, even after hours on the trail! It's like it was custom-made to fit my back perfectly, and the design keeps pressure off my bones. Plus, the wicking material keeps me dry and cool. A total game-changer!

Edgar Verified Buyer

This bag is a lifesaver for my back! It's incredibly comfortable, with the right support to relieve bone pressure. And the wicking fabric keeps me dry even on the hottest hikes. Truly a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts!

Eleanor Verified Buyer

Comfort is key when it comes to outdoor gear, and this bag nails it! It's lightweight, ergonomic, and the design reduces bone pressure, so I can hike all day without discomfort. The wicking technology is a bonus, keeping me dry and comfortable no matter the weather.

Elex Verified Buyer

I'm amazed at how comfortable and supportive this bag is! It's like it was made to fit my body, with no pressure points on my bones. And the wicking fabric keeps sweat at bay, ensuring I stay comfortable on every adventure. Highly recommend!

Scotty Verified Buyer

This bag is a game-changer for comfort on the trail! The ergonomic design reduces bone pressure, making long hikes a breeze. Plus, the wicking material keeps me dry and comfortable, even on hot, sweaty days. Couldn't ask for a better pack!

Patrick M. Verified Buyer

I'm glad I researched and found this. It's literally the perfect pack. It's light, comfy and compact. The designed pockets are the perfect use as well.


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