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Forget traditional lighters! This lighter is windproof, waterproof, AND rechargeable!

OhSpotLight Camo Lighter is the only lighter that works where regular lighters fail, anywhere and anytime.


Stays lit in hurricanes and severe weather, making it the perfect survival tool.

Double Arc Plasma Flame

OhSpotLight Camo Lighter produces a 1,800-degree double arc plasma flame.


Keeps working even after being submerged in water.

Integrated Flashlight

An indispensable LED flashlight to find your way in the dark.

Fully Rechargeable

Rechargeable via micro-USB. Can be used up to 500 times on a single charge.

Rugged Design

Made from quality material, perfect for survivalists, outdoorsmen, or for daily use.

Meet the OhSpotLight Camo Lighter

OhSpotLight Camo Lighter is the number one tool every outdoor addict and adventure seeker needs. It combines a dual arc plasma lighter and a water-resistant flashlight to make it the ultimate survival tool.

It can’t be compared to regular lighters. OhSpotLight Camo Lighter generates a waterproof and windproof 1,800-degree flame so you can be prepared in any situation.

How does the OhSpotLight Camo Lighter work?

Instead of using liquid or friction to spark a flame, OhSpotLight Camo Lighter uses a lithium-ion battery to create a miniature electrical “arc” far hotter than an open flame. Because OhSpotLight Camo Lighter’s plasma arc is hotter than an open flame, it also lights everything five times faster.

To light a candle for example, simply keep the button pressed, hold the arc close, and the candle should begin to burn right away.

Ideal For Outdoor and Daily Use

OhSpotLight Camo Lighter works where other lighters fail. From the great outdoors to the comfort of your home, OhSpotLight Camo Lighter is a dependable torch wherever you need it.

Normal lighters are disposable items or require inconvenient and messy gas refills. OhSpotLight Camo Lighter lasts for years and doesn’t need refills. No other lighter technology can match the rugged durability and convenience of the OhSpotLight Camo Lighter.

The possibilities are endless

OhSpotLight Camo Lighter is a versatile and reliable tool you can always count on. The possibilities are truly endless because it can be used in a wide variety of situations. Whether it’s to light a cigarette, a candle, or a barbeque or to use it as a survival tool to start a fire in the wilderness.

OhSpotLight Camo Lighter also comes with a built-in waterproof LED flashlight. This flashlight uses three different modes: bright, ultra-bright, and strobe. Light up your tent or campsite, or find your way in the dark. This survivalist-grade flashlight also works in the rain and underwater - you’ll be prepared no matter what weather or elements you’re dealing with.

"This plasma lighter is the best on the market!"

"I used to always work with flints to start my fires, but since I’ve worked with a plasma lighter, I want nothing else. It has become my clear first choice since it’s windproof, rechargeable, and provides an instant spark every time!"




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Customer Reviews

Read what our customers have to say about OhSpotLight Camo Lighter

Tyler Verified Buyer

I love this thing! It’s windproof and works great in any weather. I also like that it’s rechargeable, so I don’t have to worry about running out of fuel.

Jennifer Verified Buyer

I was hesitant to try a plasma lighter, but now that I have one, I’ll never go back to traditional lighters. It lights so much easier and it’s eco-friendly too.

Andrew Verified Buyer

I am so impressed with my plasma lighter! It’s not only stylish and sleek, but it’s also incredibly practical. The windproof feature is a game changer, I can use it anywhere, anytime, and in any weather. And I love that it’s rechargeable, I don’t have to worry about running out of fuel or buying disposable lighters. It’s the perfect tool for camping, hiking, or any outdoor activities. I highly recommend it to anyone who values convenience and reliability.

Jake Verified Buyer

I’ve been using plasma lighters for a while now, and I have to say, they’re amazing. They’re windproof, rechargeable and perfect to light my grill. A few of my friends already bought one, too, after seeing how fast and easy it works.

Emily Verified Buyer

This lighter is so practical! I use it all the time, whether I’m camping or just lighting candles at home. Charging it is also very easy and only takes a few minutes!

Paul Verified Buyer

I got my OhSpotLight Camo Lighter as a gift and I’ve been using it non-stop since. It’s so much better than traditional lighters, especially in the wind. It lights up so quick and easy. It also just looks really cool. You won’t believe the faces I’ve seen after using this baby!

Adam Verified Buyer

I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and I have to say, it’s one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. It’s reliable, easy to use, and eco-friendly. The windproof feature also is a lifesaver, I can use it in any weather conditions without any problems.

Sara Verified Buyer

I am an avid camper and I recently purchased a plasma lighter and it has been a game changer. It makes starting a fire in the wilderness so much easier.

Ben Verified Buyer

Great lighter and the added feature of a flashlight makes it an incredibly versatile tool. I love using it for camping and hiking, the flashlight feature comes in handy when I need to light up my path in the dark.


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