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Stay Safe In The Dark; 
Perfect For Outdoor Activities

Our sleek design is why everyone is raving about OhSpotLight Headlamp. It's comfortable and lightweight, yet extremely powerful.

Easy Sensor Switch

Just wave your hand at receiving sensor and no more troubles in your hands comparing with a simple spotlight.

Zoomable Beam

It offers versatile lighting options. The floodlight and spotlights have high and low modes for different coverage.

Adjustable Headband

There is an elastic belt and adjusting buckle at the rear, which allow to both children and adults.

Outdoor Waterproof

The ABS material makes IPX4. Best for camping, running, cycling, hiking, mountaineering, fishing and repairing.

Powerful LED Tech

It features 2 XPE LED spotlights and a COB LED floodlight, offering brighter illumination than the previous.

Worry-Free Battery Life

Graphene battery has the advantages of light weight, high strength, strong electrical conductivity, and thermal conductivity.

Traditional Headlamps And Flashlights Suck

The Headlamp - Reinvented

Our founder was frustrated by outdated, clunky headlamps with outdated LED technology. We present you the Brite Beam: thanks to the newest COB & XPE LED technology, our headlamp delivers the best visiblity and best battery life currently available on the market.

230° Wide Angle Illumination & Powerful SideBeam

Our patented COB floodlight above the eyes provides soft, non-dazzling light, while the side spotlights provide enhanced brightness with a range of 500 meters and 230° wide-angle illumination. Perfect for outdoor at night.

IPX4 Waterproof & Impact Resistant

Built for the great outdoors, OhSpotLight Headlamp is forged with lightweight yet durable military-grade alloy to last any season & situation with no damage. The fully adjustable and flexible headband fits any size head, hard hat and even helmets.

6 Work Modes For Suiting Conditions

Headlamps for adults offer versatile lighting options. The floodlight and spotlights have high and low modes, while a 3-second press of the power button activates the strobe mode for emergencies. All modes can be used with the motion sensor.

Wave Sensor Motion Control

You can easily control the Brite Beam by waving your hand around the sensor. The light will instantly turn on or off. The wide-beam design allows for bright continuous light coverage. This will eliminate the need to constantly adjust your headlamp to illuminate different areas.

"Built For The Outdoors. Loved By Handymen."

We're not only here for outdoor enthusiasts! OhSpotLight Headlamp will help light up the dark when you need it. It's perfect for outdoor activities but also for handymen that could use some extra light.


Robert B.

Military & Self-defence Expert

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Don't take our word for it. 
See why customers love us.


I have used this working on my truck and at work and bowfishing I’ve had people ask me about it and they are amazed at the quality for the price. For how much I paid for it it is so worth it and would recommend it to anyone.

James, 45, US


Use these all the time. Love that it keeps my hands free and the light shines wherever I'm looking. Never knew so many uses for a tool like this. They're great

Tyler, 38, Canada


Nice product, the material is thick and feels like good quality . I’m using it as a flame/ heat barrier to protect my deck from embers from the barbecue.

Elliz, 35, Austrilia


Wife and I got this for cave exploring and I love the feature of waving your hand over the light and it turns on and off, I didn’t know how convenient that would be until I used it a couple times while climbing and couldn’t imagine trying to mess with finding the button while mid-climb. A feature I laughed at, a feature I now need.

Benjamin, 56, France


I wish I knew about these when I worked at a mechanic shop, I would of given these to all my guys for darker days . I would imagine this being incredibly useful working on cars.

Paul, 42, New Zealand 


The cob light is bright and is the first one I’ve found that lets you to get to the lower setting by the second click. On my forehead it lights things well.

Emily, 43, US


Friend recommended me to this. Overall its a good product especially for the price.Makes it much easier working on items when needed like this.Have had for a couple months, and no problems to this point.

Adam, 35, US


It's not possible to rate these blankets. If I'm lucky, I'll never have to use them. I keep one in my kitchen & the other in my car.

Nathalie, 41, Austrilia


The easier and less there is to do the better as it comes to fire safety. The ease of this special Blanket makes me feel confident and assured in fire safety.

Steve, 30, Germany


I'm pretty pleased with this headlamp. The cob light is amazing and super bright! This is one of the very few on the market that also has not 1, but 2 sidelights! On a side note, I'm considering purchasing 3 more for my dogs. I know it's a headband, but it also works great as a night collar!

Sonia Lara, 45, UK

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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